About The Makers

Gary David

Gary creates art. His inspiration began in the 1980's when he and his wife jumped head first into the art culture of New York City where he discovered the studio furniture movement.

Over the last 40 years he has created and crafted amazing works. He grows his pallette of art materials such as White Oak, Black Walnut, Red Elm and Ash on the land he owns in Wisconsin.

Gary's design work includes building the bar, furniture and woodwork for an exquisite home in Arizona to his involvement in the restoration of the 150 year-old Potosi Brewery which also houses the National Brewery Museum. Gary's resume is impressive, let it become an inspiration for your project. 

Tyler David

Tyler David began turning shapes on a lathe in his dad's woodworking shop when he was growing up.  He made a candleholder for his church parish art show and didn't know you shouldn't color on wood but used his crayons for coloring it. People loved it and he just kept making and selling more. Each piece has a different shape and color and is signed, numbered and dated and comes with a candle.